Boost License Agreement

Other possibilities for source file licensing were considered, but some of them were involuntary in cancelling the legal elements of the license. The fixed language for reference to the license helps the company`s legal services assess the boost distribution. Creativity in the license reference language is strongly discouraged, but reasonable changes in the use of spaces are correct. Without affecting the draft license that has been put into circulation [for Boost moderators], I would like to propose a “short” alternative license that Boost could have taken over by the authors of the library. David [Abraham] expressed a desire to keep things as simple as possible and try to get as far away from current practice as possible, and that is my attempt to design a draft. To resolve these licensing issues, Boost`s facilitators sought help from the Berkman Center for Internet – Society at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. A single Boost license has been asked to meet the traditional requirements of Boost licenses, in particular: How should the license be applied to documentation files? Very similar to the application of source files: the user should see the same text as the one shown in the model above, with the only difference that the local copy and web copy of LICENSE_1_0.txt should be associated. If in doubt, you will find the HTML source code of this page. How does the Boost license differ from the general gnu license (GPL)? ISC copyright is functionally synonymous with a BSD two-term copyright with a distant language rendered redundant by the Berne Convention. This is the preferred license for the new code built into OpenBSD. An example license is available in the /usr/share/misc/license.template file. In addition, other common open source licences were studied to see what additional problems were addressed and supplements that constitute good legal practice were also requested.

The result is the Boost Software license: While the MIT license says that all copies of the software must have the license next to them, it does not express what counts as copy (i.e.