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LINK to a debunked article/3D computer simulation that went viral, stating that a runner can have a “10m+ slipstream behind them” but proven to be false/not enough research to substantiate these claims:

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Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers…


Will we have a Fall ’20 XC Season?  

Greg’s Answer (July 10, 2020): …We just don’t know yet!    …Keep in mind, the #1 priority right now should be to ensure everyone’s health and to do our part to NOT spread COVID-19 by wearing you mask and following social distancing, especially with the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in California.   …Next, priority (IMO) with the SRCSD administration is to get our curriculums and class structure to accommodate what appears to be, a hybrid model (mix of class room + distance learning) to get our students back to school.    …Lastly, the next level priority, I believe will be to figure out what the extracurricular activities will look like, including prep sports.   I’ve heard it’s still unclear IF we are going to have a competitive XC season, but everything I’m hearing is thus far is that sports will be divided into 3 categories: 1) “Low Risk” Sports that are conducted outside and involve no contact or shared equipment: Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Cross Country and most events for Track & Field; 2) “Moderate Risk” Sports that do have some contact and shared equipment, but are outdoors: like Baseball, Soccer, Football and 3) “High Risk” Sports that involve some contact, share equipment and are indoors: like Basketball, Volleyball and Wrestling…    Not sure what you’ve heard, but thus far, I’m hearing rumors that all contact and “Moderate Risk” or “High Risk” sports will not likely start in the Fall, but might be delayed into late Fall, Winter or potentially Spring.  

When will we know about the outcome of the CIF decision for the ’20 Fall XC Season? 

Greg’s Answer (July 13, 2020):  On July 20, there should be an updated Press Release on the CIF Website here:  

Anticipating we will still have a Fall ’20 XC season, how do I register as an athlete in for MCHS Cross Country? 

Greg’s Answer (July 13, 2020): All the information you need to register as an athlete for the upcoming Fall season is here on our MCHS official website:

Note: In order to address the impact that the COVID-19 virus and school closures have had on students, and in recognition that families may experience delays in obtaining appointments for their student for a Preparticipation Physical Examination, governing boards of school districts and private schools may elect to provide a one-time, temporary waiver of Bylaw 503.G. This waiver will allow the student-athlete to participate in athletics for a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days from their school’s first day of practice in that sport. This waiver only applies to CIF sanctioned Fall 2020 Sports.     -This form should be available on our school website soon and can be downloaded here: