Iot Agreement

(vi) modification of the products delivered (for example. B The opening of the unit) carried out without the prior written consent of IOT FACTORY, this agreement, together with the terms of each order form page, represents the entire agreement between the parties with regard to services. If a provision of this agreement is found to be unlawful, unenforceable or invalid, the other provisions will remain fully applicable. You cannot cede this agreement or any interest to this agreement without the company`s prior written consent. This agreement should not be interpreted to create a job, partnership, joint venture and franchise or agency relationship between you and the company, or to enter into an agreement or partisan agreement involving the other party. Any failure of any of the parties to exercise or enforce any of their rights under that agreement will be considered a waiver of those rights. This agreement can only be amended by a written document or waive rights under this agreement by a written document executed by the party against whom it is invoked. This agreement is subject to Minnesota law, regardless of its choice of the principles of law, and you and the companies hereafter agree to submit you to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Minnesota State and Federal Courts. The company is not responsible or responsible to the licensee or is considered a delay or violation due to a failure or delay in the performance of its obligations under this framework, if such failure or delay is due to circumstances or causes outside the proper control of the company. All necessary or authorized communications and other communications are made in writing and are deemed to be e-mailed during the recipient`s normal opening hours and the next business day, when they are dispatched after the recipient`s normal business hours. Such messages must be sent to the company at and will be sent to you at the email address indicated at the time of registration to download the Services, access and/or use the Services (or to another address indicated in writing by a party from time to time).

These terms and conditions of use represent the full agreement between you and IoT Now regarding your use of this website and include all previous agreements regarding your use of this site. If the equipment provided and/or installed is damaged or incomplete, the customer can refuse or refuse the material in case of error or non-compliance only by written reservation. Any complaint related to the material provided must be addressed in writing to IOT FACTORY or, if the contract is concluded with a dealer, within ten business days of receipt of the equipment, in reference to the car letter. At the end of this period, the material is considered definitively accepted by the customer and no rights are taken into account. The return of the products is not accepted without the prior written approval of IOT FACTORY or the dealer concerned. Only products in good condition can be returned. These terms of use (this “agreement”) create a binding agreement between Atmosphere IoT Corp. with 6050 Annapolis Ln. N. Minneapolis, MN 55446 (“Atmosphere IoT” or “Enterprise”) and you (“End User,” “Licensee,” “You” or “You”).

This agreement governs your download, access and use of the Atmosphere IoT platform, which includes Atmosphere IoT`s (atmosphere IoT Agent) customer software agent and Atmosphere IoT Cloud`s cloud service platform (atmosphere IoT Cloud) as well as all related software, services and documentation that can be made available via our website, any optimized version of our website via a wireless device or via our mobile app (together the “services”).