Snow Cone Machine Rental Agreement

All rental snow cone machines with a starter pack of provisions: 2 dozen paper apples and 2 dozen straws. All popcorn machine rentals are with 2 dozen paper bags. All cotton candy ready machines are equipped with a starter pack containing 25 paper tubes. HONDA 2K – QUICKSTART HONDA 2K – FULL INSTRUCTIONS RENTAL CONTRACT LINEN ADDENDUM CHAMPAGNE ADDENDUM INFLATABLE CONTRACT DUNK BOOTH CANDY CANDY MACHINE FROZEN DRINK MACHINE MOVIENIGHT_INSTALLATION.pagesKARAOKE MACHINE KAROAKE USB 1 – SONGS KARAOKE USB 2 – SONGS 6 x 8 FASTFOLD SCREEN HARBINGER – 2 SPEAKER SYSTEM INFLATABLE MOVIE WIRELESS WIRELESS CUBE LIGHT NIGHT MOVIE INSTALLATION DEEJAY`S PRICING POWER BREEZE HELIUM BLOCK ROCKER The Hot Dog Steamer contains 200 hot dogs and 45 buns. The roller contains 18 hot dogs. Here you will find many documents and instructions that we send by email to customers with their invoice confirmation. Don`t worry, if you lose the popcorn instructions we gave you, you can find it here.