Standard Design Services Agreement

To use this agreement, download the PDF master contract. When you work for corporate clients, you are often asked to sign another type of contract called “Work-for-hire.” For creatives, it`s always best to have a service contract in which you can concede your work (or at least separate the payment from the IP award), but some customers will only sign a work agreement for hiring, like. B for example this freelance agreement, or this agreement work for hire for video production. Does it seem too complicated? Instead, try to send a purely English chord, like Dan Wong`s. This is the standard AIGA agreement for design services. The original DOCUMENT in PDF format, with more information and comments, can be downloaded to Please note that this agreement must be accompanied by a written proposal (called a “proposal” in the agreement) with a detailed description of the services or must follow it. To help you shape this agreement according to your needs, sector-specific sectors are… more unspeakable: 10.3 Liability limit. The designer`s services and work product are sold “as seen.” In all circumstances, the maximum liability of the designer, its directors, senior executives, employees, design agents and associated companies (“designer parts”), the client for damages for all causes and the maximum recourse of the client, regardless of the form of the deed, whether contractually, unauthorized, is limited to the designer`s net benefit. Under no circumstances is the Designer responsible for lost data or content, loss of profit, service interruptions or indirect, random, special, consecutive, exemplary or punitive damage resulting from or related to materials or services provided by the Designer, even if the designer has been informed of the possibility of such damage and regardless of the essential purpose of a limited repair action.

The new 2020 edition of the RIBA Standard Professional Services Contract has been fully updated to align with the revised riba work plan and is intended to appoint an architect or consultant to provide architectural services. 8.2 Agent designers. Designers have the right to hire and/or use third-party designers or other service providers as independent contractors in relation to services (“Design Agents”). Despite this, designer remains fully responsible for the compliance of the various conditions of this agreement by these design agents. Veronica Picciafuoco is the content director for, the home for free and free legal documents. She has a legal background and works closely with technology startups and freelance designers in Brooklyn, NY.