Unitypoint Controlled Substance Agreement

So I have a recipe for Xanax, (sometimes I get nervous when I go on planes….), and with my last filling request, I got a call from my UnityPoint affiliated healthcare provider. They are now using controlled substance contracts in an apparent response to the opioid crisis. You will not fill my medication unless I pass a urine test (for which I have to pay) and enter into a contract for controlled substances. The board also prohibited George from prescribing, administering or administering controlled substances to treat chronic pain and ordered him to cooperate with the council`s trials of his other controlled substance, which is prescribed for a period of two years. Under the terms of his agreement with the Board of Directors, George received a citation and a warning and was ordered to pay a civil fine of US$2,500 and complete a board-approved registration course. The Pennsylvania Board of Medicine then placed Ray`s license on parole indefinitely. After moving to Iowa, Ray violated the terms of the probation agreement by not enrolling in The Iowa Physical Health Program and by not informing the Iowa Board of Medicine of the Pennsylvania action. . The board`s action may have little practical effect, since, according to UnityPoint, George is now retired.

In October 2013, Ray entered into a settlement with the Iowa Board of Directors and agreed to pay a $5,000 fine, a clinical competency assessment, a behavioral assessment and a professional ethics program. The contract is nearly 3 pages long, some of the highlights… I`m not going to go to other doctors to get the same perscription. I will allow my supplier to check my urine or blood to see what medications I am taking and I will cover the costs. I will not share, sell or act on my drug. I will not remove anyone`s perscriptions. I will not use illicit drugs (meth, marjijuana, cocaine, heroin, PCp, lsd, etc.). Lots of other things that… Who else is going to come across this? If not, be prepared… The room has quarters. Ted P.

George, a 65-year-old physician who practiced family medicine at the UnityPoint Clinic in Pocahontas, was fined $2,500 for reaching an agreement with the Board of Directors on May 15. . In a separate action, the board reinstated the privileges of Dr. Subir Ray, a 63-year-old doctor who performed an operation in Iowa in Shenandoah, Iowa, before moving to Kansas, where he has been working since 2019.