University Of Helsinki Learning Agreement

If the University of Helsinki selects you as an outgoing exchange student, you must still apply to your future destination university. What if I can`t get my keys back right after I get here? Can I move home in August? In the fall, the orientation week usually begins at the end of August. However, you may not exist until early September. Please check your landlord`s office hours and arrival date before arriving in Helsinki. If you want someone else to pick up the keys to your apartment, that person needs written permission from you (with your name, birthday, address in Finland, name and birthday of the recipient). Please note that the university cannot pick up the keys for you. 6. Your target university will inform you of your acceptance according to their schedule, but usually students receive this information in late summer (when exchanges begin in the fall) or in late fall (when exchanges begin in the spring). If you intend to write or work on your work during the exchange, attach the work form to the agreement for these as an appendix to the application instead of a curriculum.

They can only work on exchange destinations in Europe and in certain units outside Europe. To apply for the exchange course at the University of Helsinki, all it takes is a provisional authorization from an exchange coordinator at the host university, but an academic co-supervisor from the host university must be found before the start of the exchange period. 2. Transcript of the studies, obtained by WebOodi. If you have a bachelor`s degree from a university other than the University of Helsinki, also add a transcript for your previous DEGREE in PDF format. If you have obtained the right to complete your JOO studies at another Finnish university, you can add the credits that have been placed there in your overall credit number. In this case, add a transcript to your JOO studies as an additional link to your application if the credits are not yet included in your transcript of the University of Helsinki. 4.

If you need a stamp or signature to apply to your destination university, visit the International Exchange Services during consultations or by email ( The International Exchange Services of the University of Helsinki will decide on the selection within six weeks of the application deadline. Selected students receive an email from the address. But don`t be nervous; Your friend may have received information about the selection before you did. Depending on the purpose of the exchange and the selection of the students, the results are sent to different students at different times. You must make at least 5 credits per month, or 20 to 30 credits/semesters during your exchange, depending on the length of the semester at the exchange university. However, in your apprenticeship agreement, you should plan 30 credits/semesters, regardless of the length of the semester. You can find information on comparisons between credit systems in different counties in the section “How is the number of credits converted?” During your exchange, you must study a course load that is normally 30 ECTS for a semester.

If you are unsure of what is considered to be full use of studies at your university, please visit the Mobility Online portal. If you are an mSc student, please discuss your course choice with a teacher, especially if you would like to choose courses in your main field.