Introducing the Virtual Track Series!

The Virtual Track Series is series of weekly meets offered throughout the summer for you to post your time trial efforts!

Athletic Virtual Series
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #1 – April 16-21
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #2 – April 23-29
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #3 – April 30-May 6
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #4 – May 7-13
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #5 – May 14-20
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #6 – May 21-27
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #7 – May 28-June 3
Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #8 – June 4-10
Athletic Virtual Track & Field National Championships – June 18-21 (more info coming)

…Keep in mind, this is strictly an option for our athletes to pursue on their own and not affiliated with Maria Carrillo High School (be sure to get the OK from your parents to participate) and please follow the Social Distancing Guidelines as posted for these Virtual Meets as follows:

Social Distancing Guidelines

Your safety and health are of utmost importance at all times. Please follow all guidelines set forth by national & local officials, schools and parents. Virtual events are intended to help you stay active and motivated while training and exercising on your own. We all miss the sport and competing together in one location; we know you do, too. We can all use this time to enjoy those close to us and compete with everyone else from afar!  We want to make clear the spirit  and expectation of this event is that all participating athletes, parents and fans will support our higher goal as Americans to help our country fight the Covid19 virus. To that end we expect all participants to abide by national, state and local guidelines concerning social distancing. All participants agree to not use any closed facilities. If there is an open facility in your area use it responsibly. If a participant  needs to use a local bike path, sidewalk, etc… again use it responsibly.

LOP List

Students on this list still need to turn in their 2020 Track and Field team Jersey.

Beeson, Alessi12FTG33
Bernal Barraza, Randy
Bocalig, Ethan10MBT1
Cordova, Marcus10MBT8
Dahlhaus Broude, Erik 9MB3
Gray, Jai9MBT7
Hood, Noah9MB29
Mares-Vasquez, Valentina
Murray, Jazmine9FTG36
Romero, AlfredO
Yamamoto, Kainalu
Zucco, Grady11MBT21

Special End of Season Videos Posted:

Thank you to all those who attended our Virtual End of Season Celebration, especially to the athletes, their parents and the coaches for all their support. Check out these amazing videos:

End of Season Video by Coach Leanne
MCHS Track & Field Promo Video by Austin Meyer

And remember, every senior will be receiving a special tee shirt to commemorate your time on the team. Coach Greg will provide more information soon on how to pickup your shirt. Go Pumas!

Virtual End of Season Celebration for Track & Field

Join us on Tue. May 5th on Zoom (7:00pm) for our virtual end of season celebration for Track & Field! All athletes and their families are encouraged to attend. We will be celebrating our team and especially our seniors!

Next Zoom Guest: Karen Shinkins, Ret. Irish Sprinter and 2000 Olympian in the 400m, Tue 4/28 @ 6 pm

Join us on Zoom as we welcome Karen to share inspiration with the team! Meeting ID: 208 702 948

Karen’s Career Highlights

  • Represented Ireland at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the 400m (
  • Competed in four consecutive World Championships, starting in 1999.
  • Placed 3rd in the European Indoor Championships in 2002 running 52.17

Career PR’s

  • 51.58 indoors (2002) — Current Irish National Record!
  • 51.07 outdoors (1999)


I know it is challenging to get pumped up right now for a hard effort, but if some of you are wavering, or having some doubts/indecision about doing a time trial right now, please read this document:


Virtual Time Trial and 4 x Mile Relay Team Challenge

Entries to complete must be made by Friday, 4/24/20 8PM. Click here to sign up.


Olympian Paul Terek: Next Zoom Meeting, Tue. 3/21 @ 7:00 pm

Come join the Tuesday, 4/21 Zoom Team Meeting and get a sneak preview of the Austin Myer ~5:00 video documentary of our March 11th practice (just before we shut-down); it’s very cool!

This week we will be joined by Olympic decathlete Paul Terek. Join us for some inspiration and for the chance to win some Team USA Schwag too!

Paul Terek Career Highlights:

  • Michigan State High School Pole Vault Champion ‘97
  • 2nd in Div I NCAAs Pole Vault and in Decathlon at the ‘02
  • Competed in three World Championships as decathlete for the team USA, placing 12th in 2003, 13th in 2005, and 10th in 2007
  • Member of 2004 Olympic Team (3rd place USA Olympic Trials)
  • Became television celebrity in Japan, competed in numerous “American Ninja Warrior”, “Pro Sportsman No. 1″ and “Muscular Athlete Championships”
  • Retired from athletics in 2010

Career PRs (6’3 and ~200 Lbs):

  • 100m: 10.83
  • 400m: 48.24
  • 1500m: 4:24
  • 110H: 14.92
  • Long Jump: 7.38m (24’ 2.6”)
  • High Jump: 2.08m (6’ 9.9”)
  • Pole Vault: 5.70m (18’ 8.4”)
  • Discus: 49.24m (161’6.6”)
  • Shot Put: 15.99m (52’ 5.5”)
  • Javelin: 61.14m (200’ 7.1”)
  • Decathlon Total Points: 8312


2013 Ninja Warrior competition:

Muscular Athlete Championship:

Win Some Team Schwag:

Our Next Zoom Guest: Craig Engels (Tuesday, April 7th @ 7:00pm).

Tomorrow night’s Zoom meeting will be very special. We will be joined by one of the world’s fastest milers and also one of the most sought after interviews on the world circuit. He’ll join us to share advice and answer your questions about running at the highest level, or anything else you want to ask.

Craig’s resume is world class:

  • 25 years old | turned pro in 2017 | runs for Nike
  • PRs: 800m: 1:44, 1500m: 3:34 (5th at 2019 Diamond League-Belgium), Mile: 3:51
  • 2019 USATF Outdoor Champion (1500m) — that’s him above beating Olympic Gold Medalist M. Centro
  • All American at Ole’ Miss
  • Numerous other accolades (e.g. North Carolina HS mile record holder at 4:03).


Option 1: From your computer

Option 2: From your mobile phone (app download required)

Option 3: Audio only (from any phone)

  • Auto-dial: 1-669-900-6833,208702948#

Special Info from Katie Mackie

This last Tuesday’s Zoom meeting with Brooks professional runner Katie Mackie and Stanford-bound Cole Sprout was awesome! In addition to all of the great advice and life experience shared, Katie also shared info on her annual summer camp for female runners. Here’s more info:

This will be the 4th year that I am putting on a camp for high school girls called “Kickin’ with Katie”, to help young athletes navigate the mental, physical and emotional stressors that accompany being a female competitive athlete.  The camp will be held the weekend of August 7-9th up at my family’s land in North Park (6620 Highway 127 Cowdrey, CO 80434, 2 miles south of Colorado-Wyoming state line) where cross country camps were held while I was at FCHS! Several of my professional teammates will be in attendance as speakers/counselors and I will have a registered dietician and local female high school coach also give presentations. The focus of the camp will be around building leadership skills, mental resiliency, confidence and managing energy. We will go on some beautiful trail runs, cook meals together, play fun campfire games and hopefully the girls will walk away with some lasting friendships and memories.  I have capacity for 20-30 girls.

You can read more about past camps here:

Here are a couple of articles Katie’s suggested reading too:

Two Special Guests on Next Zoom Meeting, Tuesday, 7pm on March 31st

Boom! As promised, hoped, and dreamed by all…Coach Greg has lined up not one, but two elite runners to join us on our next Zoom meeting (7pm on 3/31).

Katie Mackey is a professional middle distance runner (Brook Beasts Track Club). She boasts a 2:01 800m (Portland), 4:03 1500m (Prefontaine), 8:43 3000m (Milrose), and 15:04 5K (Payton Jordan). Katie has been a champion at all levels, including a career highlight being part of the 2008 NCAA XC Championship Team at University of Washington, as well as competing at many Olympic Trails, World Championships, and Diamond League.

Katie (@KatiefMackie on Twitter) also has an awesome website ( with her blog and info about her running camps!

Cole Sprout is a Valor Christian HS senior and one of the top cross country and distance runners in the country. Even with a shortened senior season this year, he sports the following PRs: 4:04 full mile and 8:47 full two mile (both run as a Junior) and let’s not forget that blazing 14:16 5K he ran at the Dessert Twilight. He also has been a top finisher three times at NXN: 7th in 2019, 3rd in 2018, and 21st in 2017, as a sophomore. Mr. Sprout is committed to run at Stanford next year.


Option 1: From your computer

Option 2: From your mobile phone (app download required)

Option 3: Audio only (from any phone)

  • Auto-dial: 1-669-900-6833,208702948#

Team Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, March 24th

Option 1: From your computer

Option 2: From your mobile phone (app download required)

Option 3: Audio only (from any phone)

  • Auto-dial: 1-669-900-6833,208702948#

This once-a-week meeting on Tuesdays, 7-8PM to touch base with MCHS Track & Field athletes (athletes only; parents please pass along any questions to your kids!) via a “Zoom Meeting” (Download the Zoom meeting app here: ) 

Our first meeting agenda for tomorrow:

  • GREG
    • Sharing of any new news from CIF, NCS or local administrators on the status of the 2020 Track & Field season or relevant updates?
    • Sharing of what other track coaches/athletes in other programs across the state are doing?
    • Recommendations from other Coaches!
    • Questions for Coaches?  (OK to bring questions from your parents)
    • Sharing any ideas on how to: 
      • Stay motivated…?
      • Keep connected…?
      • Any best practices to share…?
      • Other ideas/social outreach…?
  • Also included will be a poll to help us coaches identify those interested in participating in Junior Olympics in June/July?

2020 Track & Field Important Update:

Hi Everyone,

Hope this message finds you and your family well, all things considered.    …I know these are crazy times, hoping all of you are and will continue to, find your own strength and courage to get through the full ambush the COVID-19 virus has inflicted on all of us (emotionally, spiritually and physically), sweeping through our communities, our nation and the entire world.    Please remember this is serious and this is global, but WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.   Even if we can’t be together physically, we can all help each other with an outreach of care and support for each other; it’s so more important now to reach out to others than ever before!   …As you know, this situation has grown to be so much more significant than what now seems to be the “trivial” outcome of the 2020 high school Spring track and field season.

I would like to establish a once-a-week meeting on Tuesdays, 7-8PM to touch base with interested athletes via a “Zoom Meeting” (Download the Zoom meeting app here: )  …These weekly meetings will follow a basic format as follows:


  • Sharing of any new news from CIF, NCS or local administrators on the status of the 2020 Track & Field season or relevant updates?
  • Sharing of what other track coaches/athletes in other programs across the state are doing?
  • Recommendations from other Coaches!


  • Questions for Coaches?  (OK to bring questions from your parents)
  • Sharing any ideas on how to:
  • Stay motivated…?
  • Keep connected…?
  • Any best practices to share…?
  • Other ideas/social outreach…?

I did have an on-line meeting with 20+ track coaches across the state just yesterday.   …Although I have no specific update or new information to share with all of you from the CIF yet; most everyone across the state is still “on-hold” just like we are, most still waiting for the outcome of the 2020 post-season championships to be announced after the 4/3/20 CIF Meeting.   However, I do believe when we get on the other side of this situation, I’ve become part of an established/solid network of other coaches up and down the state.   …So, if allowed the opportunity, I believe our Maria Carrillo athletes will be in a very good position to pursue our track and field endeavors once again.   We all know when we resume activities, it will likely look very different, or it might have serious limitations or constraints; one possibility all of us coaches discussed (if allowed) is to hold a variety of “virtual track meets”, where everyone can compete on their own, post their own marks on-line, then the meet director would merge results and post them just like in a real track meet.    Other coaches, convinced the high school season will likely not start up again, have already adjusted their training programs and started pointing their athletes to the Junior Olympic Track and Field events for early Summer (qualifying rounds in late-June in Modesto, with Nationals in Florida early-July); this is one of the few track events still on the horizon, not yet cancelled!    -FYI: If needed and the official high school season is cancelled, we can almost immediately activate any MCHS athletes interested, to join Coach Vic’s off-season track club (based in Palo Alto, the Peninsula Flyers), with a new club location right here in Santa Rosa as an potential option. 

…In the meantime, please keep working out, stay committed, keep hopeful and I’ll keep our event coaches posting workouts for all of you to do OYO!

A few positive thoughts to leave you with:

  • This situation provides to us with a gift of a very healthy perspective; that issues really are bigger than ourselves and focusing on what’s best for everyone else, is the right now, the right thing to do.
  • You have lots of time on your hands; be productive with it!   …Besides yourself, what have you done lately for others, for your family, or for your community?
  • It’s called social distancing; that doesn’t meet you have to be social, just because you’re a distance runner!     …Please do not create gatherings of 10 or more and if you’re in public, stay 6 feet apart from others as much as possible.      

We’ve all endured other events and survived them with great dignity and strength; let’s all help each other through this journey!

Be safe,

-Coach Greg Fogg

Head Coach, Track & Field / Cross Country

Maria Carrillo High School

Cell: (707) 291-2967

Important Update From Coach Greg

Hi Athletes and Parents,

As you might have already heard, our team was notified yesterday by our MCHS administration, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, NO PRACTICES AND NO COMPETING, so we’re basically shut down.     …Literally, all of the competitions we had on our schedule (even those in L.A. are cancelled or postponed).

There is a meeting on Tuesday, March 17th with 10 of the CA Section Athletic Commissioners coming together to decide the outcome of this season for all High School Spring Sports; I will share more as I get information from that meeting.     


You are however, allowed to practice OYO (by yourself or in your own friend groups)

I’m hopeful that our season is suspended but not cancelled, so I’m encouraging all athletes continue training /try not to lose the fitness you’ve worked so hard for during these past five weeks; I’ve asked all of our Coaches to provide specific workouts for all of our athletes; look for them here on our team website LINK

This is an unprecedented time for all of us, please follow the recommendations and updates from the CDC and follow the guidance of our local Sonoma County health authorities:

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this uncertainty and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via e-mail or text/call me at (707) 291-2967 if you have any concerns or questions,

Some Uplifting News While We We Wait…

With the threat of the IF we’ll continue with the rest of the 2020 High School track season still up in the air right now, at least we managed to get 5 of our top Maria Carrillo High School distance athletes signed-up for their colleges and committed to pursue their goals at the next level!   

…Really proud of this crew; some very outstanding all-time Maria Carrillo Seniors on this list!!!

  • Colton Swinth, Cal Poly, SLO: NCAA Div. 1, competing in the Big West Conference
  • Rory Smail, Cal Poly, SLO: NCAA Div. 1,, competing in the Big West Conference
  • Pierce Kapustka, George Washington University (Washington, D.C.): NCAA Div. 1, competing in the Atlantic-10 (A10) Conference
  • Omar Alvarez-Hernandez, Chico State University: NCAA Div. 2, competing in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Conference
  • Jasmin Hirth, UC Santa Barbara: NCAA Div. 1, competing in the Big West Conference
  • Hannah Cohen-Sandler, Cal Poly Pomona: NCAA Div 2, competes in CCAA Conference.
  • Avery Damon, Millikin University: Private Div 3 school in Illinois, competes in the CCIW.

  • New–click here for the March 13th letter from CIF State Commissioner about the “CIF Spring Sports Season”.
  • Click here to read an update from Greg, Head Coach, Track & Field.

Big Cat 2020 Highlights

2020-2021 XC/Track and Field Calendars and Info.

The 2020 Big Cat was a roaring success. Here are a few highlights:

  • 113 students participated this year, which was 34 more than last year and they achieved 20 Personal Records (PRs) and 54 improvements!
  • There were many bright spots in this meet and much to be excited about as the season progresses. There has been an infusion of young talent, especially the freshman ladies (across all disciplines). Veterans like Juniors Cody Wood (#3 in 100m/200m) and Cena Murphy (#2 in 100m/200m) are raising the bar for everyone. Newbie Junior Jack Sherman is already making a mark (#4 in 100m and #7 in 200m), adding needed depth in boys sprints.
  • Varsity Wins
    • Freshman Lily Mulligan, PV (Made the MCHS Record Board; #1 in Redwood Empire)
    • Freshman Lei Hunt, HJ (Made the MCHS Record Board, #7 best in California)
    • Senior Pierce Kapustka, 1600m (#1 in Redwood Empire)
    • Senior Rory Smail, 3200m (#4 best in California)
    • Sophomore Vivien Mattice, 1600m (#1 in Redwood Empire)
    • Freshman Kathryn O’Malley, 200m (#1 in Redwood Empire); also took 3rd in the 100m!
    • Junior Nicole Morris, 3200m
  • JV and Underclassman Depth:
    • Freshman Payton McGarva took 3rd in the VG 400m!
    • We saw some amazing JV performances, many of which would have competed at the top of the Varsity heats, including:
      • Freshman Elianah Demange won the JVG 400m (#2 in the meet).
      • Freshman Grace Baer won the JVG PV, even though she literally just started this event a couple days before the meet — she will go higher!
      • Freshman Ben Choe won the JVB 3200 in a very respectable 10:40.
      • Freshman Isabella Van Note won the JVG Shot Put and JVG Discus!
      • Sophomore Cooper Ramnarine won the JVB 110H.
      • Sophomore Max Adams won the JVB SP.
  • Notable Personal Records (PRs)
    • Sophomore Elijah Leitch, Discus (56-10, 13.9%)
    • Freshman Logan Dawson, 3200m (10:20, 7.5%)
    • Sophomore Aiden Knebel, PV (12-00, 6.7%)
    • Senior Omar Alvarez-Hernandez, 1600m (4:30, 4.2%)
    • Junior Jack Marcarian, Discus (70-07, 3.9%)
    • Senior Owen Pugh, 800m (2:11, 3.7%)
    • Senior Anna Knebel, HJ (4-10, 3.6%)
Click the album above for pictures from Joe Civello

Twilight Volunteer Sign-Up

Cake Auction Success!

Thank you to all who attended the Parent/Team Meeting & Cake Auction. Through your generosity, we auctioned over twelve cakes made and presented by our amazing students and we raised $1,935 to help with our average annual team budget of $20K.


Welcome Pumas! As coaches, we have been very mindful in selecting team gear for student-athlete and fan use. We hope to appear unified as a team, especially while at competitions. Student-athletes will be asked to purchase their own team outfit (see below) for use throughout the season. We hope you can find additional items for your own use that fit your needs and style. Team apparel is only available through the online store.

Apparel must be ordered by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd to ensure we will have team gear delivered for use this season of competition. Store will close Sunday at midnight. 

REQUIRED TEAM ITEMS: These “necessary” items are required for competition. These items will be used before and after competition (during team warm up & cool downs) to ensure a uniform team appearance. 

Black Solid Half Zip ($54.00) + Green Short Sleeve Tech Tee ($22.80) + Pair of Black Shorts (NB Options Available Online; prices vary)


*Cross Country Note: If athletes have the required items from the Cross Country season, athletes may use their black solid half zip and black shorts for competition; XC athletes should purchase a Track & Field green short sleeve tech tee. 

**Please note: While black shorts are a required apparel item for competition, they do not need to be purchased through the New Balance website. There are several New Balance black shorts available for purchase that are very popular and functional for track & field training and racing. 

***Please note: The purchase of apparel or equipment can not be a requirement for participation in public school connected athletics. If a family is unable to purchase the required team outfit, the team will issue a set for season use. Contact Coach Leanne West for confidential arrangements OR if you are interested in sponsoring an athlete in need. 

Leanne West (Assistant Coach) | phone: (707) 291-5168 | email: [email protected]  

Program Overview:

Athletic Packet Online Registration

2020 Track Team Overview Flyer

Track & Field Donation Form and Expectations

2020 Track & Field Competition Schedule

Team Google Calendar

Team Record Boards: Boys | Girls

Sign up for Remind text alerts (see instructions below).

  • Enter this as the phone number: 81010
  • Enter this as the message: @mchstfrun
  • Hit send.


  • We will NOT be using the “MCHS XC 2019” Remind text alert account during this upcoming MCHS Track season; distance runners/Parents need to sign-up for this new account, or they won’t be in the loop!
  • This new Track and Field Remind account is different than the 2019 account, so everyone needs to subscribe to this new account!

Our Coaches

Head Coach: Greg Fogg

  • Distance: Greg Fogg, with help from Leanne West (MCHS class of ’07), Marion Maassen, Sue Philip, and Jack Dunbar (Coaching Cert ,TBD)
  • Sprints/Relays: Vic Hudson, with help from Heather Martin, Allison Mulligan (and Greg Fogg, as needed)
  • Throws: Tim Armstrong, Nick Diaz (MCHS class of ’12)
  • Hurdles: Vic Hudson with help from Greg Fogg.
  • High Jump: Russ Pugh
  • Pole Vault: Bruce Hotaling
  • Long/Triple Jump: Vic Hudson with help from Russ Pugh and Greg Fogg