Greg Fogg, Head Coach MCHS Cross Country / Track & Field:

  • Coaching Experience: Coaching XC / Track & Field at MCHS since 2004. Also have over 18 years’ combined experience coaching in Rincon Valley Soccer League, CYO, Rincon Valley Little League, and 1 year for Maria Carrillo Girls Basketball.   
  • Running Background: Competed in both XC / Track & Field at Piner, Rancho Cotate High School, SRJC, Chico State University, finished running career at University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). Received numerous local High School “Coach of the Year” honors over past 15 years, inducted in both Piner and Rancho Cotate Athletic Hall of Fame.    Hold track school records at Rancho Cotate and SRJC, High School 3mile XC PR of 15:27; College PRs in 1500m 3:48 (4:06 mile equivalent) and 8:58 3K Steeple. Still run and keep up between 20-30 miles/week year round.
  • Coaching Philosophy: To help our athletes reach their true potential; to promote improvement through running as a platform, to show our athletes that success in running has the same ingredients as success in life and with the right level of commitment, dedication and hard work, you can achieve and often far surpass, your goals!    
  • Personal: Born in Castro Valley, lived in Sonoma County for over 45 years.Currently working at Keysight Technologies, Inc. (30 years and counting with Hewlett Packard-Agilent-Keysight and 5 years working for two companies in Silicon Valley), Married to Lisa (33 years, from New Jersey, met at U of Alabama) have 4 children, Leanne, Garrett, Andi and Savannah. Have lived in Rincon Valley for the past 25 years, currently rebuilding our house due to the wildfires of ’17 (scheduled to move back in October ’19!).  
  • Something Interesting about me: I lived in 18 different places by the time I was 18 years old.
  • Favorite Band:  Rolling Stones
  • Favorite Book: Unbroken
  • Favorite Movie: Legends of the Fall

Leanne West, Assistant Coach MCHS Cross Country / Track & Field:

  • Coaching Experience: Head Cross Country and Track & Field coach at Cloverdale High School for 3 years; currently coaching at MCHS since taking a science teaching position at the school.
  • Running Background: Competed in both XC and Track & Field at RVMS, MCHS, and at Cal Poly State University. Mainly completed in the 3k steeplechase in college (former school record holder; 10:17) and the 1500m (4:24). Individual qualifier for NCAA Cross Country Nationals. I now enjoy running with my husband, our puppy (Jessy), the old man, and the MCHS team.
  • Personal: Born in Santa Rosa and Greg’s oldest kid. Attended Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo to obtain a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biology (focused on plant genetics). Attended Dominican University in San Rafael to obtain a teaching credential, and taught science in Cloverdale (prior to MCHS) for 4 years. Currently teaching Biology at MCHS and married to Ben West (a former collegiate baseball athlete who enjoys to run as well). We love running, surfing, skiing, baseball, hiking, and summer breaks!  
  • Something Interesting about me: Adopted a dog from Taiwan and turned her into a runner.
  • Favorite band: Mumford & Sons
  • Favorite Book: The Alchemist  
  • Favorite movie: The Sandlot

Russ Pugh, Assistant Coach MCHS Cross Country / Track & Field:

  • Coaching Experience-  MCHS Assistant Cross Country and Track & Field Coach 2017-Present.
  • Running Background-  Competed in Cross Country & Track 7th grade through high school.  My junior high school coach, Chris Kornhaus inspired me & had a big impact on my life. My high school team was large (about 40 guys) and was on the beginning of a significant upward swing during my years there (they won a state championship the year after I graduated & five more in the next decade). My high school coach is a member of the Kansas High School Athletics Hall of Fame.
  • Coaching Philosophy-  I believe that through setting long-term goals and committing to doing the necessary work that great success can be attained.
  • Personal- Married to my wife, Tracey, for since 2000.  My son, Owen is a senior at MCHS (Class of 2019). My brother, Jamie coaches Cross Country & Track at Casa Grande.  Sonoma County resident since 1990.  Grew up in Kansas and attended Kansas State University.  Worked in the event production business since 1987 & have put on more than 100 triathlon events. Competitive giant pumpkin grower since 2001, but am taking a year off while working on a new growing spot.  High school basketball official for 24 years & have worked more than 3,500 games. 
  • Something Interesting-  In 2011 I grew the largest pumpkin ever grown (it had a 35 foot circumference), but was disqualified at the Half Moon Bay World Championships because of a soft spot on the bottom.
  • Favorite Book– Running with the Kenyans.

Sue Philip, Assistant Coach, MCHS Cross Country / Track & Field

  • Coaching Experience: Assistant coach XC / Track & Field at MCHS since Fall 2016.
  • Running Background: Competed in both XC / Track & Field at Upper Dublin High School in Ft. Washington, PA. Have been running recreationally since.  Have run 3 marathons and many 10Ks and half marathons; I try to do at least one half marathon a year.
  • Coaching Philosophy: To support our athletes through all their trials and tribulations: encourage them to aim farther and faster, comfort them over their personal disappointments, cheer on their achievements!
  • Personal:  Born in Dresher, PA. Attended Virginia Tech University , and have lived in both Southern and Northern CA and Oregon. Work as a medical device consultant for Shifamed in Campebell CA. Married to Brett (22 years) and have senior twins at MCHS – Patrick (a runner) and Danielle (a gymnast). Have lived in Santa Rosa for 6 years. Next to running, I love to SUP (stand up paddleboard)!
  • Something Interesting about me: I have 5 patents
  • Favorite Book: The Posionwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
  • Favorite Song: Time of Your Life by Green Day

Marion Maassen, Assistant Coach, MCHS Cross Country / Track & Field

  • Coaching Experience: Assistant Coach XC / Track & Field at MCHS since spring 2015.  
  • Running Background: Competed in both XC / Track & Field at Sparta High School in Northwest New Jersey.  I was 2nd/3rd in the County behind Greg’s wife Lisa for my 4 years in Cross Country.  In Track, I focused on the 800m (880 until Sr. Year!) and finished 3rd in States in Sr. Year.  800m PR = 2:18. I played LaCrosse for 4 years at Wells College, Aurora, NY.  I Still run and have focused on ½ Marathons in recent years (and Triathlons).  Due to recent injuries/surgeries, I am actively building my mileage and hoping to begin racing again in October 2019. 
  • Coaching Philosophy: To assist athletes in growing as runners as well as people. My hope is that I instill an excitement and interest in athletes working to better themselves continuously, in both running and personal endeavors, aiming toward lifelong love of running and long term life success. 
  • Personal: Born in Northwest New Jersey, and lived there through High School. College: Wells in Upstate New York Grad School: University of Arizona (Tucson).  I have lived in Santa Rosa since 1993.  I work at Medtronic (15 years and retiring in February 2020) and previously worked for Agilent Technologies, Inc. (10 years including time with HP).  Worked in Mortgage/Loan Banking for 4 years in Upstate New York.  I was married to my husband, Kim, for 26 years prior to his death in 2010. I have 2 children, Holley (graduated Piner 2013) and Bradley (graduated SRHS 2015). Currently live in Bennett Valley and am working on the rebuild of my Fountaingrove house due to the wildfires of ’17.
  • Something Interesting about me: Worked at 2 of the same companies as Greg (HP and Agilent) and ran at a high school only 10 miles away from the high school Greg’s wife Lisa attended in New Jersey; so it’s obviously my destiny to be coaching with Carrillo!
  • Favorite Band/music genre:  southern rock
  • Favorite Book: The Boys in the Boat and Dr. Seuss :Oh! The Places You Will Go
  • Favorite Movie: Chariots of Fire

Additional coach bios — coming soon!