Winter training block has started  and will go through the month of January meeting 4 days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat).

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Results from August Track Time Trial

Big props to everyone who ran in the time trial yesterday and thank you to the volunteers who helped pull this off safely. This was a rare opportunity to test team fitness and I bet more than a few of the runners surprised themselves with how much they’ve grown in a short period time!

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Some notable results:

  • Veteran Returners:
    • Jacob Donohue: ran 15:21 at the 4,8K mark, or 14 seconds faster than July 2nd at Healdsburg, and then closed the final 200m for a 15:49 5K!
    • Noe Vieyra: ran 15:28 at 4,8K or 7 seconds faster than Healdsburg; nearly missing sub-16 in 16:04.
    • Sean Gubera: beat his goal time by 10 seconds (17:48), including a 34 second final 200 (2nd fastest of the day). 
    • Carmen Jiminez: ran just 4 seconds off her pacing (21:25 vs. 21:21), which included a closing 0:46 that clawed back 5 seconds over the final 200 meters!
    • Rebecca Taylor: ran very consistent first three miles, cutting down to exactly her goal pace by the 12th lap (20:30), and then ran a 0:42 second final 200 meters to end up 8 seconds ahead of goal time!
  • Newbies on the course and blowing out the July 2nd times:
    • Mia: 14:03 (14% / 87 second improvement)
    • Sarah: 14:15 (12% / 47 second improvement
    • Jack: 12:10 (6% / 45 second improvement)
    • Gavin: 12:50 (5% / 7 second improvement)
    • Leyna: 14:22 (no time to compare at Healdsburg, but impressive nonetheless!)
    • Gabe: 12:22 (showed that speed we’ve heard about even coming off an injury)

Details for Unofficial Fitness Check/Time Trial (Wednesday, 8/12)

Results from July Track Time Trial (Healdsburg, July 2nd)

GROUP #1) Freshmen 2 mile Time Trial at Channel Drive:  

  • Start 2 mile near Ranger Station > 2 mile turn-around ~150m before Richardson Hill entrance > run back to Ranger Station > cool down 20-30 minutes > leave
    • Girls show-up at 6:00pm > Start 2 mile at Ranger Station 6:30pm > cool down > DONE 7:20-7:30 (Parents pick up at Channel Drive)
    • Boys show-up at 6:30pm > Start 2 mile at Ranger Station 7:00pm > cool down > DONE 7:45 (Parents pick up at Channel Drive)

GROUP #2) Non-Freshmen 5K Time Trial at Redwood HS (395 Doherty Drive, Larkspur, CA, gates will open at 6pm sharp and close at 8pm): 

  • Warm-up outside of RHS facility > 10-15 minute warm-up on track prior to 5K start time > run 5K on RHS track > cool down outside of RHS track facility > leave
    • Girls show-up at 6:00pm > warm-up for ½ hour outside of RHS facility > warm-up for 15 min inside of RHS facility > start 5K at 6:45pm > Cool down 30 minutes outside of Redwood HS track facility > DONE ~7:40 (Parents OK to pick up in RHS parking lot )
    • Boys show-up at 6:45pm > warm-up for ½ hour outside of RHS facility > warm-up for 15 min inside of RHS facility > start 5K at 7:30pm > Cool down 30 minutes outside of Redwood HS track facility > DONE ~8:20 (Parents OK to pick up in RHS parking lot )     

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (applies to both groups above): 

  • There will be no MCHS coaches there, this is only an “unofficial” time trial workout, with “official timing” facilitated by a few adults.   All athletes and parents are participating voluntarily and OYO; this is not an organized MCHS practice or event.   Parents are responsible to get their athletes to the venue, AND be responsible for them while they are running and be responsible to get athletes home.  We are requiring that all athletes and parents conduct a temperature and symptom check at home.   Athletes, may be asked for a verbal confirmation that they are symptom-free before being allowed to enter the RHS stadium. 
  • Face coverings will be required upon arrival.   Please keep spectating to a minimum; for any individuals not competing, they must wear a face covering for the duration of their time inside the Redwood HS stadium.   Per California regulations around youth sports, face coverings may be removed during periods of heavy exertion (e.g. a time trial), when physical distancing can be maintained
  • Whenever possible, coaches, athletes, and parents must maintain 6 feet of distance, unless they are members of the same household
  • High-fives, hugs, and other forms of physical contact are not permitted 
  • Individuals must bring their own water bottles and food
  • MCHS Coaches will not transport athletes to or from Redwood High School
  • Carpooling is discouraged unless all riders are members of the same social bubble

Updated 10 week training schedule and groups (updated: August 5, 2020)

Thanks to everyone who attended the Zoom call last night to discuss the recent shut down of summer running. We’ve experienced another set back, but please keep encouraging your student to maintain the base they’ve gained and run on their own, following the county guidelines for face coverings and social distancing, of course.

To support you, we’ve posted a PDF of Greg’s presentation, as well as the updated 10 week training schedule and groups. Stay safe and we’ll hopefully be training together again as a team soon!

Results from Healdsburg Time Trial

Thanks to all the summer runners who joined us last Thursday and made it such a fun (and safe) night! Even though the purpose was to get in a great tempo workout and to get a check on fitness, there were many excellent performances and the future is bright for these student-athletes and our team. Circumstances permitting, we plan to do another of these in the coming weeks.

Top returning varsity girls (Nicole Morris, Ashley Busienei and Vivien Mattice) ran a slightly shortened workout, but showed good form at 6:10-6:15 pace. Ella Chong made a strong case by running a comfortable 20:38 3-mile tempo.

On the boys side, we saw good early-season form with a strong cut down 3-miler (5:20, 5:11, 5:03) from two top NBL contenders this year: Noe Vieyra (15:34) and Jacob Donohue (15:35). Thanks also to Noe, who pushed the pace on the backstretch, which led to a big move by Jacob on the final turn, and a great footrace that brought the infield to it’s feet (masks and all). Our incredibly committed sophomore crew showed up in-force, with Mr. Dustin Hatfield (16:56) leading a disciplined tempo that included fellow 10th grader Benjamin Choe (who bridged up to finish 16:56). The balance of the boys ran smart and strong, especially showing depth in the class of 2023 (Sean Gubera, Noah Vincent-Blatter, and Jonathan Donohue).

Finally, it was awesome to see all the freshman join in and get a feel for how fun our sport can be. They ran great, following the plan perfectly and executing a classic cut-down (7:00, 6:00) pace: they have a bright future: Boys (Jack, Max, Deion, Nick, and Gavin). On the girls side, it’s easy to see that we have some great athletes; our future looks bright! These ladies also ran a cut-down (7:45, 7:00). Unfortunately, we don’t have final times for the freshman girls, but they were roughly Isabella (14:45), Sarah (15:00), followed by Mia, Lily, and Kira (15:25)

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