Runners of The Week

NBL Meet #4: Maria Carrillo High School vs. Santa Rosa (Pictures coming soon)

Boys: Jacob Donohue
Girls: Ashley Busienei and Brooke Cregan (photos from Santa Rosa High School Parent Rob Cook)

NBL Meet #3: Maria Carrillo High School vs. Montgomery High School

Girls = Nola McGarva
Boys = Gabriel Sitton

NBL Meet #2: Piner High School vs Maria Carrillo High School

Girls: Kira Moe

Boys: Benji Cho

NBL Meet #1: Windsor High School vs Maria Carrillo High School

Girls: Gracie Trenam

Boys: Jonathan Donohue

NBL XC 21′ Meet History

MCHS Athlete Warm-up Routine: 

…When you arrive 1 hour before the start of your race: Find your team members, get your racing competitor # and everything together, then stick together with your teammates, warming up for a 1 mile EZ pace run on the course (stay together!)

  1. 30 minutes before start of your race: You should be doing your form drills and sticking around the starting line area… (better to start this part of your warm-up ~45 min. before your race start time):
  2. 20 minutes before start your race: You should be wrapping up form drills > finish with leg swings/walking stretches (Varsity athletes: OK to incorporate a ~600m tempo about 7 minutes before your race as part of your warm-up)
  3. 10 minutes before start of your race: Do 2 x 40-50m strides > meet with coach for final instructions > do 1 last 40-50m stride (try to at least “break a sweat”) 2-3 minutes before your race > YOU’RE READY TO RACE!

IMPORTANT: EVERONE NEEDS TO COOL-DOWN!!!   This consists of 2 miles EZ jogging; good to incorporate 2 laps barefoot on turf if you can get that in and some stretching/rolling; this is very important to “shake-out” the race in your legs, if you don’t do this, you will be super-tight the next day…!

MCHS XC ’21 Distance Training for 2/8/21 – 3/20/21 (6 wks) update as of Feb 10, 2021:

TRAINING EMPHASIS: This 6 week training phase is geared towards preparation/transition to next “VO2-max” Phase Workouts! …Make no doubt, we are preparing/training for track, so let’s use this time to continue building strength and foundation fitness so we can really hit-it hard after Spring Break > April > May!

MCHS XC Practice Highlights for this timeframe:  

  • Practices are Monday thru Friday 3:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday practices are 9 – 10:30/11:00 AM with groups training OYO (locations TBD).
  • Some groups are training off-campus, but Training Leads need to text Greg to keep him apprised of those situations
  • Training Cohorts are now identified in 4 Groups (Varsity Boys, JV Boys, Varsity Girls and JV Girls)
  • All XC practices on MCHS campus must be socially distanced and while on campus, athletes must wear a mask 100% of the time!
  • Note: For some practices/depending on the workouts, Coach Greg will allow groups to check-in on MCHS Campus, then run OYO off-campus, but SoCo Health Order guidelines/safety protocol still apply
  • For most, you will be taking “off” or taking a down week for Spring Break March 22 – March 26, then be ready for the first day of Track & Field practice on Monday, March 29th!
  • XC 21′ Training Plan Feb 8 – March 20th

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