Core Strength and Weight Training

Importance of Core Strength and Progression
Upper Body Weight Form Strength Demo
Upper Body Weight Strength
Core Strength and the Importance of Planks
Frequence of Core and Weight Strength Training
Core Strength and Importance of Planks
Importance of Core
Leg Strength Development
Importance of Core Strength and Progression
Squats with Weights
Back Planks
Side Plank
Front Plank
Emphasis Weights Complement Strength for Running
Importance of Weight Lifting
Purpose and Reps for Squats and Lunges
Importance of Doing warm up, drills correctly
Overview of warmup routine
Warmup and Lunge Form

Colton and Rory: Warmup Routine and Form Drills

Overview of Form Drills Sequence
Warm Lunge Form
Leg Swings

Why It’s Important To Do Drills
Butt Kick
High Knees
Quick Steps

Colton and Rory: Narrative and Advice

Colton all little things are compliments to your fitness
Importance of doing your warm up and drills correctly
Rory Outtake
Importance of doing extra


Single Leg Bleacher Hops
Frog Jumps
Wall or Box Jumps