MCHS XC ’21 performance highlights from NBL #3, March 17 vs. Montgomery HS on the (new) Montgomery 2.77 mile XC Campus Course:

Individual Splits and Performance Summary 

Link to complete results for all Redwood Empire on this day

Link to photos taken by Michael Lucid:

 MCHS Team Results:  MCHS XC Varsity and JV Teams sweep victories!  Varsity Girls showing amazing depth, sweeping first 12 spots / Boys taking 7 of top 8 spots!  

Other Highlights/Noteworthy efforts:

  • Welcome back solid efforts! Ashley Busienei, Vivien Mattice and Simon Peterson (their first race of the season!)
  • Steady/Consistent pacing from previous weeks (no more than 3% off previous week’s pacing):

Boys: Oswaldo Rodriguez, Noe Vieyra, Johnathan Donohue, Gabe Sitton, Deion Mattice, Grant Sanderson, Jason Page, Gavin Newton, Alexander Bombace

Girls: Gracie Trenam, Avery Hedden, Ella Chong, Nola McGarva, Isabella Mathiesen, Ella Jahnke, Sara Rivera, Catherine Li, and Nora Trif

  • Noteworthy Big Improvement: Ella Jahnke big jump in pacing improvement from 8:40 per mile, now racing (where she should be) at 8:10 per mile, over this longer distance! 
  • PR Socks!   …Considering the extended length of this course (+.47 miles vs. our previous 2.3 mile course) and the much slower grass terrain and numerous sharp turns on this Monty course, we are recognizing “improved efforts” giving away PR socks to everyone who achieved pacing no more than 3% above goal pacing (all the names listed above + Ashley B since she was just 2% off her goal pace).

Runners of the Week!   Based on who came the closest to holding/improving pace from previous meets pacing and who is “stepping-up” developing as a racer/competitor:  

Boys = Gabriel Sitton!   …Steady improvement in pacing for last 3 weeks: 5:53 pace for 2.3 miles > 5:51 pace for 2.3 miles > 5:50 pace for 2.77 miles and finished #6 overall Boy for our team!  

Girls = Nola McGarva! …Steady improvement in pacing last 3 weeks: 7:09 pace for 2.3 miles > 6:51 pace for 2.3 miles > 6:58 pace for 2.77 miles and finished #9 overall fastest Girl for our very deep team!