Important: Every student must be registered via the “Athletic Packet Online Registration” page.

  • If you have already participated in a Fall or Winter Sport and have Track & Field listed as one of your sports, then there’s no need to re-access the system.
  • If you’ve participated in another sport already, but do not have Track & Field listed as a sport for you, just re-access the system and add Track & Field as a “Program” you plan on participating in this Spring.
  • If you not have not yet registered for any sport at MCHS during the current academic year, then follow the instructions on the website to complete the registration process. Each student needs to be cleared in the system prior to the first day of practice. This includes a copy of your sports physical dated after June 1, 2018.
  • Concussion Testing:
    • This is mandatory if you plan on doing Pole Vault or High Jump and have not yet done a concussion base-line test for the current academic year. If you’ve already taken a concussion base-line test for another sport, then you’re all set.  
    • You’ll need to attend to attend one of these two testing sessions: January 14th at 2:30pm and January 16th at 3:30pm in the library.
    • You’ll need a permission form signed by your parents prior to testing that can be obtained in the Counseling Office and in room M5.
  • It is ok for students to sign-up for either JV or Varsity; Coach Greg will modify these rosters once the season starts.
  • There are no clearance slips needed to hand to Coach Greg on the first day of practice (like we used to do); everything is done on-line and you should receive a notice that you are cleared in the system via e-mail.