2020 Track & Field Information

Pole Vaulters…VERY IMPORTANT: if you are planning to POLE VAULT or HIGH JUMP, YOU MUST COMPLETE A CONCUSSION BASELINE TEST PRIOR TO PRACTICING OR COMPETING!…If you have already completed a concussion test for a Fall or Wintersport, then you’re good to practice, but if not, YOU NEED TO PLAN ON ATTENDING ONE OF THESE TWO SESSIONS in the MCHS library: 

  • January 27th at 2:30
  • January 28th at 3:30
  • Both testing sessions will take place in the MCHS library.

Program Overview:

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2020 Track & Field Competition Schedule

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Our Coaches

Head Coach: Coach Greg Fogg

  • Distance: Coach Greg Fogg, with the help of Marion Maassen, Sue Philip and Leanne West (MCHS class of ’07)
  • Sprints/Relays: Coach Vic Hudson, Coach Mark Giangiacomo, Russ Pugh with help from Greg Fogg
  • Throws: Coach Tim Armstrong, with help from Coach Nick Diaz (MCHS class of ’12)
  • Hurdles: Coach Vic Hudson with help from Coach Greg Fogg.
  • High Jump: Coach Russ Pugh
  • Pole Vault: Coach Bruce Hotaling
  • Long/Triple Jump: Coach Mark Giangiacomo, with help from Greg Fogg