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August – October XC Training

2020-2021 XC/Track and Field Calendars and Info.

Recent news/updates to 2020-2021 XC / Track and Field Calendars:

Greg’s Comments:  This is the latest information from the State (CIF), our Section (NCS) and our League (NBL-Oak).     …We still have to figure out many more details regarding competitions and especially the planning of invitationals and how larger championships meets will be facilitated (i.e. the State Championships for XC might be held only for Division #3 on a single day with only 2 races; Boys and Girls, vs. having all 10 Division #1-5 races held on a single Saturday with no spectators to minimize crowds).   Larger venues/competitions will be precarious to execute, especially if COVID cases continue to rise.    We don’t know what the future looks like, so all we have right now are scenarios we are doing our best to plan for.   …In the next few weeks, we will develop a variety of different scenarios (both for training and competing, then given the future severity or lessening of the COVID risk factors, we will likely need to adjust/pivot plans accordingly.  

Current “Summer” activities and conditioning may continue up through the 1st day of practice (i.e. Dec 14, 2020 for XC and March 14, 2021 for Track and Field), including club-structured activities; all of this, is contingent on IF we do not have any concerning COVID events with our groups and/or other teams training in our area, but that’s really going to be up to our District and our MCHS Principle; they can shut-us down at any time they feel it’s not safe for us to continue this activity.    I will keep our school administration aware of our continued Summer activities/conditioning and do my best to keep everyone apprised as any new information becomes available… 

Athletes!    …At this time, please keep in mind, our Summer Conditioning could get shut-down at any time!    …So, it’s VERY IMPORTANT we remain diligent in keeping compliant with SoCo Health Order, training only in smaller groups, wearing Your face coverings or (better) wear neck gaiters (not required while running, but you must have one on you to be at practice) and always observing social distancing with your teammates and with the public community.    Please help us maintain a safe environment AND maintain a healthy perception with the public; IMO, it’s easy to show you’re being responsible in the public eye by just pulling-up your mask when passing by anyone in public that is less than the “comfortable” 6’ social distancing space from you.    

e-mail me at greg.fogg@comcast.net or call/text me at (707) 291-2967 if you have any specific questions/concerns or need any additional information…  

Results from Healdsburg Time Trial

Thanks to all the summer runners who joined us last Thursday and made it such a fun (and safe) night! Even though the purpose was to get in a great tempo workout and to get a check on fitness, there were many excellent performances and the future is bright for these student-athletes and our team. Circumstances permitting, we plan to do another of these in the coming weeks.

Top returning varsity girls (Nicole Morris, Ashley Busienei and Vivien Mattice) ran a slightly shortened workout, but showed good form at 6:10-6:15 pace. Ella Chong made a strong case by running a comfortable 20:38 3-mile tempo.

On the boys side, we saw good early-season form with a strong cut down 3-miler (5:20, 5:11, 5:03) from two top NBL contenders this year: Noe Vieyra (15:34) and Jacob Donohue (15:35). Thanks also to Noe, who pushed the pace on the backstretch, which led to a big move by Jacob on the final turn, and a great footrace that brought the infield to it’s feet (masks and all). Our incredibly committed sophomore crew showed up in-force, with Mr. Dustin Hatfield (16:56) leading a disciplined tempo that included fellow 10th grader Benjamin Choe (who bridged up to finish 16:56). The balance of the boys ran smart and strong, especially showing depth in the class of 2023 (Sean Gubera, Noah Vincent-Blatter, and Jonathan Donohue).

Finally, it was awesome to see all the freshman join in and get a feel for how fun our sport can be. They ran great, following the plan perfectly and executing a classic cut-down (7:00, 6:00) pace: they have a bright future: Boys (Jack, Max, Deion, Nick, and Gavin). On the girls side, it’s easy to see that we have some great athletes; our future looks bright! These ladies also ran a cut-down (7:45, 7:00). Unfortunately, we don’t have final times for the freshman girls, but they were roughly Isabella (14:45), Sarah (15:00), followed by Mia, Lily, and Kira (15:25)

2020 Summer Running Program Forms

If you want to run with the MCHS group this Summer, you need to fill out these forms, sign/date and e-mail back to Coach Greg: greg.fogg@comcast.net before the first summer run.

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